Common Solar Panel Installation Mistakes: How To Avoid Costly Errors

Having solar panels installed does require a significant investment. But that doesn’t mean that you should be willing to lose money where it could have been avoided.

The problem is that many people dive into solar panel installation without properly doing their research and this can result in them spending far more money than necessary.

If you’re currently looking at having a solar panel system installed then this important guide will help you to avoid some common mistakes that could end up costing you.

Mistake 1: Not Getting Lots Of Quotes

You wouldn’t go out and buy a car, a house, or any other large purchase without first looking at several options, would you? So why is it any different when it comes to solar panel installation?

Easy answer: it’s not!

I understand that you’ll be looking to get the best value for money, and rightly so. Nobody wants to spend more than necessary or be ripped off.

However, different companies have different things to offer and the price difference can be quite obvious. By getting lots of quotes and looking at what’s included in the quote, you’ll be able to find the best value for money.

It’s also worth noting that some ‘extras’ may not be included in your initial quote. For example, some companies may only include the equipment and installation fees but neglect to quote that you may need structural work or scaffolding which will cost more.

The best solar panel installation companies will detail ALL costs on your initial quote so be sure to ask for this breakdown before making a decision. If not, you may find yourself with a nasty surprise bill at the end of the installation.

Mistake 2: Not Being Realistic About Energy Consumption

Solar panels come in different sizes in relation to wattage and which you choose will highly depend on your energy consumption and requirements.

I’ve heard a lot of homeowners only stating the bare minimum when it comes to energy consumption but it’s best to be realistic about what you’ll need from the off.

Moreover, if you try to minimise costs by installing the absolute minimum number of solar panels, you may find that you need to have additional panels installed in the future to meet your needs.

Not only does this mean more work on your property but installing additional equipment down the line could be more costly. Even if the price of the individual panels is the same, you’ll have to pay another labour charge.

Mistake 3: Avoiding Roof Repairs Before Installation

A typical roof is designed to last for around 30 years. If your roof is nearing the end of its life or requires any repairs, it’s best not to avoid this before solar panel installation.

A lot of homeowners will ignore this requirement and go ahead with the installation only to realise a couple of years down the line that the work really does need to be done.

You are then faced with the removal of the panels, the cost of the roof repairs or replacement, and reinstallation costs.

While this type of work can be costly, you’ll be saving money in the long run by just getting it done at the same time as the initial installation.

Mistake 4: Not Doing Your Research

While it’s not a pleasant thing to think about, there are rogue installers out there who are just waiting to do you a disservice. There may also be solar panel installation companies that simply cannot offer you what you need, despite being above board.

This is why it’s incredibly important to research your options, check out reviews, ask questions, and compare quotes.

Failing to do this may result in an improper installation. When this happens, you’ll only have to fork out again for remedial work.

Mistake 5: Going With A Company That Doesn’t Have A Good Warranty

Generally speaking, solar panels come with a warranty that lasts between 20 and 25 years. This equipment is designed to stand the test of time and the lengthy warranty is a reflection of this.

If you go with a company that doesn’t offer this kind of warranty on their equipment then it’s time to ask why.

Moreover, you’ll want to avoid going with an installer that doesn’t offer some sort of warranty on the work. The length of time you are covered under warranty for workmanship varies drastically between installers so again. I’d recommend doing as much research as possible.

Mistake 6: Buying Cheap Equipment

We all love a bargain so seeing cheap solar equipment can be tempting. But you have to consider that you get what you pay for.

Yes, there are installers out there that will hoik up their prices because they’re promoting a certain brand and you shouldn’t be paying over the odds (again, this is why research is essential.) But you don’t want to go for the ‘cheap as chips’ option that’ll likely fail you in the long run.

It’s far better to invest in good quality solar equipment from the get-go than to buy cheap and end up having to pay for premature replacements that affect your return on investment.

The same could also apply to the cost of installation. If you find a company whose installation fees seem too good to be true, then they probably are.

Mistake 7: DIY Installation

One of the top ways that people think they’ll save money on solar panel installation is by cutting out the installation company and doing it themselves.

Unless you’re trained in the installation of solar panel systems I would strongly recommend avoiding this costly error.

While you may save on labour fees, there’s a high chance that the installation will go wrong due to a lack of expertise. You’re then left with the decision to spend more money on DIY solutions or hire a professional; either way, you’re going to be out of pocket.

What’s more, when you work with a professional installer, you have the peace of mind of a workmanship warranty.

The Best Way To Avoid Overspending

Taking the above common mistakes into account is a great way to avoid spending more money than you need to both now and in the long run.

However, the best way to ensure that you get great value for money, a system that serves you and a limited number of future costs is to work with a qualified team.

MJP Solar offers a full solar panel installation service that we design to meet each client’s needs. By discussing your requirements with us, we’re able to come up with a solution that will benefit you and be as friendly as possible on your bank account.

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