Solar FAQ: Do Solar Panels Work At Night?

Solar FAQ's

The key is in the name, right? Solar, referring to the sun, must mean that solar panels need light from the sun to work. That’s a pretty easy concept to grasp but that doesn’t stop us from wondering whether power can still be generated at night. And it’s a good question because while your solar […]

Solar FAQ: Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

Solar FAQ's

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint but still have a reliable source of energy to power your home, you may have considered solar panels. Solar panel installation is often a simple process but many homeowners are left wondering what comes next in terms of cleaning and maintenance. The good news […]

Solar FAQ: Can You Put Solar Panels On A Flat Roof?

Solar FAQ's

For solar panels to get maximum exposure to the sun and therefore produce as much power as possible, they need to be correctly positioned. You hear a lot about solar panel orientation and much of this talks about the tilt of the panels. So, if your property has a flat roof, you may be concerned […]

Solar FAQ: Can Solar Panels Be Recycled? ♻

Solar FAQ's

With a massive increase in the number of UK properties benefiting from solar panels, it’s obvious that this country is well on its way to becoming more sustainable. But what’s the point in opting for green energy choices if we’re only going to get rid of the materials in landfills? This leads us to ask […]

Solar FAQ: How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?

Solar FAQ's

If there’s one thing that the UK is known for it’s the sheer number of pigeons we have. While these birds are beautiful, they are famous for being a nuisance. One of the ways in which they wreak havoc is by nesting underneath solar panels. Since I know that you’ll have spent a small fortune […]

Solar FAQ: Do Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight?

Solar FAQ's

It would be right to assume that solar panels require sunlight to work. That’s the whole concept of this form of energy, after all. But we have to be realistic and consider that our solar panels aren’t going to be sitting in glorious, beaming direct sunlight every single hour of the day. So, what does […]

Solar FAQ: How Do I Qualify For Free Solar Panels UK?

Solar FAQ's

I’ll be honest with you. Solar panels are not cheap. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. Solar panels should be seen as an investment. But we are living in a time where financial crises are pretty common and even though solar panels are a worthwhile investment, many people will still struggle […]

Solar FAQ: Do Solar Panels Work On Cloudy Days?

Solar FAQ's

A solar panel needs sun, right? Yes, that’s certainly true but what confuses a lot of people is how much sunlight a solar panel needs. While it’s a given that strong direct sunlight is going to harbour the most energy, your solar panels will still generate power on an overcast day. Let’s take a more […]

Solar FAQ: How Much Energy Does A Solar Panel Produce?

Solar FAQ's

You’ve probably heard the claims that having solar panels installed will slash your monthly energy bills in half. And that’s not a sales tactic; it’s true. By having solar panels you could cut your electricity bill by between 50 and 75 percent every year. However, that doesn’t tell you about the nitty gritty stuff and […]

Solar FAQ: How Many Solar Panels To Power A House?

Solar FAQ's

Solar panels have skyrocketed in popularity because they’re an eco-friendly way to power your home. Not to mention the cost savings on your energy bills which many UK homeowners are taking advantage of. But the initial investment of solar panels can rack up quite a hefty bill. As a result of this, I’ve heard people […]

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